TV showreel – a showcase of my work on camera

TV package (broadcast Thursday February 23, 2017)

Critics have described them as “cruel and degrading”, but spit hoods could be introduced to Lincolnshire’s police force.

Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones is calling for the additional protection after an officer in Louth was spat at while trying to arrest a suspect.

Here’s my report:

TV package (Thursday February 16, 2017)

A former anorexia sufferer-turned mental health campaigner and author is backing calls for compulsory mental health education in primary schools.

Hope Virgo was at the University of Lincoln talking to students about her inspiring story of truning her life around from being anorexic at 13.

I spoke to Hope and bring this report:

TV package (broadcast Thursday October 27, 2016)

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone’s already preparing for it by buying decorations and costumes.

And it’s a busy time of year for local businesses too – trying to keep up with demand for their spooky stock.

I found out more:

TV package

Many would argue there’s nothing more relaxing than feeding bread to the ducks during a stroll in the park.

But are people really aware of the health dangers it poses to the birds?

Here’s more:

TV package 

A Lincolnshire county councillor has been chosen as UKIP’s candidate for the upcoming Police and Crime Commissioner election.

Victoria Ayling is the county councillor for Spilsby Fenn division and hopes to top the polls in May.

Here’s my report:


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