A week of Hitchens

Peter Hitchens and Jarrad Johnson
When I asked Peter if I could have a photo with him, he self-deprecatingly replied: “Yes, if you want to ruin your career.” I had one took anyway!
Photo: Jarrad Johnson

As you’re probably well aware – because I haven’t stopped banging on about it – I interviewed the Mail on Sunday columnist, author and broadcaster Peter Hitchens a week ago today.

It was my first sit-down TV interview – which was for the University student newspaper’s online platform – that I had hosted and in the build up I was really looking forward to it and wasn’t nervous at all. That all went out the window, however, when Peter Hitchens arrived and I met someone who I admired and respected so much for the first time.

During the interview I was star-struck and while I was recording I thought to myself: “I’ve messed up. This is going terribly.” However, those fears were allayed when I watched the recording back. Everything looked and sounded great, and thankfully the general public seem to agree.

At the time of writing this, over 3.5k people have watched the video on YouTube and many people have been complimentary about myself.

Peter Hitchens commentsThe comments really surprised me actually. I say that not because I really doubt myself, but the way the internet works is that people are generally critical. Or so I thought.

If someone does a good job, it’s easy to brush over it and say “well that’s what they’re there for”. 

But I’m hugely appreciative of the reaction of people because it makes the job I work so hard to do, even more satisfying. And it boosts my confidence as well.

I particularly enjoyed people saying that they liked the questions because they were insightful, thoughtful and different. It’s something I pride myself on and I’m glad people enjoyed that aspect of the video.

The full video was published on The Linc’s website.

And a shortened 5-minute-long version was published on LSJ News.

It was great to meet a great journalist like Peter and the bonus was that he was a very nice person both on and off-screen.

After our interview was over – both Peter and I were disappointed we had to cut it early because of demand for his speech to begin on time – he headed to the University’s main lecture hall where he spoke for almost an hour about a range of issues.

Predominantly he spoke about Vladimir Putin and Russia, but he also spoke of the EU, the US presidency, Tony Blair and the Middle East.

I recorded the whole speech as well as the Q&A for my notes but due to demand, I have now published on YouTube. Apologies for the sound not being too great:

Peter’s been kind enough to publicise the interview on his Daily Mail blog which has drawn a lot of viewers to the video I’m sure. All in all it was, and continues to be, an amazing experience and hopefully there will be many more like it. 

Hitchens blog



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