David Cameron: An Eton mess or Eton’s best?

David Cameron
David Cameron has been the UK’s first coalition Prime Minister since World War Two.
Photo: The Prime Minister’s Office

A common gripe – among many – that the public have about politicians is that they are ‘out of touch’ with public opinion. That MPs originate from a wealthy elite born into privilege and power.

The current Prime Minister David Cameron bears the brunt of that view. And it’s not without reason really, is it? At the end of the day, he may be a jolly enough chap with good credentials but he was educated at Eton: an exclusive, public all-boys school.

What makes him even more ghastly is that he went to Oxford University. The bare-bottomed cheek of it. Shame on him and his family for wanting to get the best education possible.

In all seriousness, why should the background of our MPs or PMs matter? What their policies are and what they stand for today must surely take precedence.

In fact, I can name many ‘posh boys’ who have been idolised. Oscar-winning actor and sweetheart Eddie Redmayne went to Eton. Fellow actor Benedict Cumberbatch went to Harrow: another exclusive school. Boris Johnson was a member of the Bullingdon Club at Oxford University alongside Dave, yet BJ has found himself to be in the rare position of being a scandal-hit politician and the subject of widespread public adoration.

David Cameron and Boris Johnson in Oxford
Prime Minister David Cameron (top row, second from left) and Mayor of London Boris Johnson (far right, sitting)  pictured as part of the Bullingdon Club, Oxford University.
Photo: Ian Burt

And I haven’t even touched on the greatest ever Briton Winston Churchill yet. The former Prime Minister who arguably drove allied forces to victory in World War Two was born into aristocracy. Nobody ever complains about their backgrounds because it’s not convenient for their narrative. More importantly, it’s not relevant.

If the real issue here is diversity in parliament, then we should be aiming for the ball rather than the man.

In my opinion, David Cameron has done a very good job as Prime Minister. He looks and speaks like a true statesman on the international scene while at home he has been successful in holding together a coalition government through trying economic times. He’s the first post-war PM to have been in that situation.

I can imagine it must take a lot of strength of character and diplomacy to carry that out. Cameron, himself, has managed to stay scandal-free apart from infamously leaving his daughter in a pub.

A historic PM so far? Hardly. But he’s undoubtedly been a stable presence in time of global economic and military turmoil.


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