Personal update: my ‘Like Page’, results and preparing for my biggest interview yet

Jarrad Johnson at the University of Lincoln
Presenting a news story on a TV workshop last week. I’ve also become a co-presenter on Siren fm’s Mid-week Drive show.

I just love a good personal update. It gives me the chance to indulge myself in articulated self-loathing about how great I am at everything and how I’ve been ‘getting along’ since I last had the joys of telling you all.

That’s why I was overjoyed when I was ‘advised’ to make a Facebook ‘Like Page’ in order to post and promote my work. In all seriousness, I was quite hesitant in setting one up as they’re usually reserved for people who deserve them; public figures, etc.  Then I thought, “Well, if Russell Brand has one then anyone’s entitled to one”.

I did see the clear upsides to having one, in that it separates your personal Facebook account from your professional work. I’d encourage you to give it a like to boost my ego:

You may have even been directed to here from there, in which case you didn’t require that last link and you have my many thanks for already liking it.

I’m well into my second semester at the University of Lincoln and rather scarily almost a third of the way through my time spent learning at the Lincoln School of Journalism. How time flies.

I’m still enjoying it as much as before but I’m now feeling much more comfortable being back in education having had a year away from it all. Results prove that to be the case. In my first set of assessments, I got grades of 2:1s (60-70%) in all three of them. However, in the second lot I somehow managed to get five 1sts (70%+) and one 2:1. It’s something I’m very pleased about and something that will encourage me going forwards. I’m sad, however, to report that shorthand is the one exception and continues to be the bane of my progress at the moment. Still, I persist with it.

Looking forward, I am getting ready for the biggest interview I’ve ever done. Without wanting to get on my high-horse (let’s remember I’m not AP McCoy) it will be something that I look back on as one of my most proud and privileged moments I’m sure.

How can that be so in such an early stage of a career? Well, you may know that I have a real interest in World War Two history and have close ties with the Holocaust Educational Trust. So, on Monday and Tuesday I will be in the company of a Holocaust survivor who has very kindly agreed to be interviewed by me.

It’s something I’m really looking forward to but I’m also very aware of the huge responsibility I have in capturing the emotion of what this person’s been through and the importance of remembering the Holocaust. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that survivors won’t be around forever to tell their stories. So I can’t stress the importance enough, that we must record their testimonies now.

Why? Think of that famous quote by George Santayana: “The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again.”



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