My new favourite music video

I’m not a big fan of music videos. In fact I’m not a fan of music videos at all.

Why? Because they either consist of really bad miming, scantily-clad models and singers (yes, that is bad!) or they’re just boring. If you’re ‘lucky’, you’ll be treated to a concoction of all three when watching one.

I deplore the so-called storylines that most music videos adopt. They often have nothing to do with the song and end up taking away from the greatness of the song that it’s supposed to be supporting. I mean, is it one of those artistic ‘things’ that only a creative can see the glory of?

The artist that springs to mind that was most successful in avoiding the trap of creating music videos that have no relation to the messages in the song was Michael Jackson. Thriller, Smooth Criminal, the Earth Song are all great examples of his work.

All that aside, I’ve come across a music video that I’ve fallen in love with. And I do mean fallen in love with in its deepest, purest sense.

The video is for the song ‘Listen to the Man’ by George Ezra. Why this one? Well he’s only gone and got Sir Ian McKellen to star in it.

I love the man as an actor anyway – particular from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings film franchises – but just look at him in the video. Look how adorable he is:


The only thing that could’ve made the video better is another demonstration of that oh-so-famous line: “You shall not pass”.



The featured image is taken from the music video of ‘Listen to the Man’ by George Ezra. I do not claim ownership of the images or audio content.


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