Comments From Around The World On Holocaust Memorial Day

“Today is the official day that we remember the atrocities committed in The Holocaust. However, all year round we should use these memories as a reminder of what racism, prejudice and discrimination can lead to. If you learn from history, it shall not be repeated.” – Jarrad Johnson

“It’s a day for reflecting and discussing the legacy of the Holocaust and a reminder to all of us of our responsibility to protect the civil and human rights of everyone in our society.” – Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor

“Holocaust Memorial Day is an opportunity to remember the millions of victims of the Holocaust and indeed of subsequent genocides. We must ensure young people are educated about the past and shown where racism can ultimately lead. At a time when antisemitic discourse is so firmly in the headlines, it is more important now than ever before for us to make a national commitment to remember the terrible events of the Holocaust.” – Karen Pollock, CEO of The Holocaust Educational Trust

As a side note, I am delighted that the Prime Minister has set up a Holocaust Commission.


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