‘Man Down’: The Review

I love Greg Davies. As in, I appreciate his comedic talents rather than it being an undying confession of my homosexual attraction to men over 6’6″. In ‘The Inbetweeners’ he was fantastic at being Mr Gilbert and I also find him very funny in his stand-up routines and his appearances on comedy panel shows. So I had decided to write a review about his new sit-com ‘Man Down’ for the purposes of this blog.

I had actually turned over to Channel 4 a little late so I missed the start of the show. However, I think I’m glad I had as I was immediately confronted with Davies putting on a pathetic attempt at acting. He was engaging in something I could only describe as more childish than slapstick. Fighting with a growling man dressed up as a bear who sprawled himself on the floor at every given opportunity is not my idea of entertainment.

I was shocked. I hastily turned off the television, and had a lie down whilst contemplating what Channel 4 bosses were thinking when they commissioned such rubbish. If Greg Davies did indeed write that, then he should certainly stick to stand-up.

However, they say you need to give all good sit-coms time to flourish. Even ‘Only Fools’ wasn’t an instant hit. But then again, they didn’t start off with Rodney fighting Grandad in a bear costume.

Rating: Not worthy of a star


One thought on “‘Man Down’: The Review

  1. Easy! Man Down is great, if you review it based on a tiny segment (and then go to lie down!) you’re not getting a full idea of what it’s about. You should try a full episode.

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